matthew lee
developer, student
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Hi, I'm Matthew! I'm a graduate student at Western Washington University. I really enjoy developing things both for school and in my free time, as I'm driven by the reward of a functioning build or completed project as well as the satisfaction of learning new things. I find myself constantly jotting down notes about interesting project opportunities, ranging from those that would efficiently perform a task for me to others that might help me explore a concept that I want to understand further.

In addition to the never-ending list of subjects from computer science that interest me, I also enjoy learning about collaborative work, the interview process, and improving productivity. Outside the scope of work and the industry, I love reading, writing, gaming, and Kpop.



Ranked most to least proficient:

Java, C# and C - I'm comfortable developing in these languages and writing programs that utilize their varied toolsets and abilities. There's always more to learn, but these languages are familiar faces by now.
C++ - I can work with this thanks to my experience in C, but I'll definitely have a browser tab (or three) open with documentation as I code.
HTML and CSS - Just good enough to write this website!

I'm also somewhat proficient in scripting - I typically use Powershell for my own personal time-saving purposes (since I'm a Windows user) and Bash for use in research or running on my VM/Docker containers.
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